Exotic Culinary Experiences in Dubai

Exotic Culinary Experiences
in Dubai

Thinking about food in Dubai you immediately know that exotic food and cuisine from around the word are dished up and served in one of the thousands of top restaurants.

You will find some specializing in Arabic delights while others offer worldwide cuisine.

These restaurants listed here are more than just a restaurant, but an unforgettable culinary experience accompanied with stunning views and amazing décor.

At Pierchic they serve European Cuisine and probably one of Dubai’s most romantic seafood restaurant and easily the best culinary experience ever. Here you have unspoilt views of the gorgeous Gulf and set apart from the Dubai hustle and bustle on the edge of the long pier.

La Petite Maison
At La Petite Maison they serve delectable Mediterranean cuisine and notably girolles, peppers tomatoes, olives, lemons, courgettes and artichokes are used with the fresh pasta, meat and seafood dishes for healthy and light fare.

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara
At the Al Mahara you are served fine seafood from a British chef that uses the finest ingredients while keeping dishes simple and you have magnificent views inside the huge aquarium while dining in style.

Al Hadheerah
At Al Hadheerah you will find it filled with both locals and tourists trying out the traditional Arabian cuisine it is famous for. It is the Bab Al Shams Resort’s signature restaurant and here you live in a typical oasis with its location between sand dunes and hidden from the eye.

At Eauzone you are served modern Asian cuisine with gorgeous views of lazy seas and slick refinement with its gorgeous décor and positioning around a pool that leaves the impression of a floating restaurant with winding walking ways across the pool for added glamour and delectable Asian food by master chefs.

Re Flets Par Pierre Gagnaire
Pierre Gagnaire is a renowned chef world-wide and opening his sixth restaurant in Dubai he calls his cuisine Culinary Experimentalism. At this exotic destination you can expect the unexpected while flavours compliments each other perfectly and surprisingly.

Rhodes Mezzanine
The Rhodes Mezzanine serves a combination of French and British cuisine and the Grosvenor House Hotel’s flagship restaurant.

At Verre the renowned chef Gordon Ramsey oversees it and here Mediterranean Gastronomic cuisine is served in style and elegance. It is a restaurant where only the rich and famous and Dubai high society hangs out. Understated elegance instead of the usual Dubai glitz and glamour are the key elements while the cuisine remains incredibly expensive and sophisticated throughout each course.

Buddha Bar
Most locals in Dubai will call the Buddha Bar the best and finest in the Emirates and its location in the Grosvenor House Hotel opens up to the Arabian Sea. The stylish Dubai residents love the fusion of Thai, Chinese and sushi offered in sumptuous portions of uniqueness and eclectic atmosphere.

Zheng He’s
At Zheng He’s old Chinese flavours are combines with western modernisms and Modern Chinese cuisine are presented. Part of the Madinet Jumeirah Resort you have astounding views of the Gulf and an elegant atmosphere of simplicity and style.