Top Shopping Spots in Dubai

Top Shopping Spots in Dubai

Everybody knows that shopping is synonymous with Dubai and that there is practically nothing that is not available in Dubai. Here you can buy anything from luxury items, designer labels, electronics or gold and everything else in-between.

Here you get massive shopping malls, small shops with goods available from world-wide countries including China, India, Iran and Turkey.

Dubai residents and visitors alike almost see and treat shopping as national pastime and it is nothing strange to get tourists visiting Dubai ONLY for shopping. While shopping remains the primary objective you will find shopping malls with themed parks, aquariums and excellent dining too.

We look at some of the most prominent shopping malls in Dubai.

Dubai Mall

There are a myriad of malls, but the Dubai Mall remains the most popular and not to be missed. Here the complete shopping experiences are satisfied as it is a literal mini city in itself with more than a thousand stores,

staggering number of food shops, ski-rink, massive aquarium, and indoor waterfall with world-wide brands.