Dubai Living Experiences

Dubai Living Experiences

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in another country or city especially a place like Dubai? Let us take a look at Dubai living; it is one of the United Arab Emirates’ seven emirates and even though you will find both English and Arabic signs, it is officially an Arabic country with English spoken in most places.

With a huge and rising population it was last counted that the population is around two million with expatriates from around the world making Dubai their home.

Dubai religion is Islam and you will find attractive mosques throughout the city. It is believed that mosques do not allow non-Muslims, however people of any faith are allowed in Jumeirah mosque.

Islam religion requires and stipulate that women as well as men dress modestly and even though you will find it in the locals it is not expected from visitors to the country. You should not be surprised to find signs at entryways of malls and shopping complexes that request visitors to dress modestly, but an expatriate women do not have to wear a full length coat or head scarf.

The Dubai infrastructure is a city laced together by smaller roads and motorways and multi-lane bridges with traffic congestions a familiar sight in the tremendous growth of the city of Dubai. Visa entry is simple due to close British ties as well as other countries like North Americans, New Zealanders, Australian and Europeans too.

Getting a work visa to Dubai is often complicated and employer assistance is required, the job description, the education level of the applicant and company intended to work for. Some visitors come through as tourist, but simply settling in Dubai is not as simple when you meet a prospective employer and especially people with families should take note that all paperwork should be in place and documents like birth certificates and marriage licenses are presented.