What to Do During a Short Stay in Dubai

What to Do During a Short Stay in Dubai

Indulgence, extravagance, glamour and glitz are synomomys with Dubai as one of the world’s most spectacular cities and here nothing seems impossible. How much time would be enough to see and experience just a handful of top activities is a question often asked. If sightseeing is what you come for you might find that in around five days you will be able to eat at some great restaurants while making a very quick visit to the most prominent spots. You might want to come on a shopping trip, which is something Dubai is world famous for.

One of the world’s biggest malls are located in Dubai and you will be able to visit and a few other when you have a week. First time visitors should try to spend no less than a week in Dubai to really experience the wonders of the city while also relaxing.

Sightseeing in Dubai is diverse with the tallest building the Burj Khalifa, while other people would enjoy a desert safari more when natural beauty and history are you main interests. Companies like Arabian Adventures offer complete safari packages and even arrange accommodation and pickups where visitors are treated to dune bashing, camel rides, extraordinary sunsets, belly dancing shows and traditional Arabian dinners.

Something that should not be missed is the musical fountains with songs continuously changing while Dubai has continuous events that attracts artists worldwide. Kids are also included in everything Dubai has to offer and some of the outstanding places include the Emirates Park zoo with a massive collection of animals despite its small size while animal feeding are encouraged.

Something else for the kids is the one of a kind Miracle Garden with exploding colours and beautiful surroundings. At the Mall of the Emirates is an indoors Ski slope with lifts taking children and adults alike to the top and allowing for great skiing. At the bottom of the slope is a playing park with toys and slides, but keep in mind that since it is a ski slope the temperatures are freezing.